Before My Rebirth

The Liquid Sparkled Edmund Dulac from The Little Mermaid The thin grass strings of the ghost net were wrapped securely around my right wrist. As soon as I realized what had happened, I began to struggle. That only pulled it tighter. The lines were made strong to entrap the mahi mahi.  I had dropped the … More Before My Rebirth

British chap + Spanish explorer, sprinkle with rain and voila: Vancouver

The plan was: Amtrak train to Vancouver, Canada and then fly home a week later.  Cheapoair set up my return travel. Rain! And more rain!  The tracks were flooded and the train was cancelled.  I stood at the check in counter at the train station with my mouth hanging open for a good sixty seconds. … More British chap + Spanish explorer, sprinkle with rain and voila: Vancouver


Ladies and gentlemen, I am making a transition.  I have to rethink this blog, and in the meantime, I have set up a new site.  This is to be my “professional” site.  I am taking a course in travel writing, and I will be posting my assignments there as well. Kerry Lee Thank you for … More Transition

Art Lives Here!

A new day, a new venue, same old weather.  A repeat of cloud and misty rain; spring in the Midwest.  But in the writing place I was headed for…. the weather wouldn’t matter. One enters the Milwaukee Art Museum into the magnificent cathedral-like space of Windover Hall, with its exquisite white marble floor, a vaulted … More Art Lives Here!