British chap + Spanish explorer, sprinkle with rain and voila: Vancouver

The plan was: Amtrak train to Vancouver, Canada and then fly home a week later.  Cheapoair set up my return travel.

Rain! And more rain!  The tracks were flooded and the train was cancelled.  I stood at the check in counter at the train station with my mouth hanging open for a good sixty seconds. Who would have thought……  There was no way I was going to miss this long planned adventure, however.  I called Cheapoair as soon as I arrived back home, and had immediate success in getting a flight out the next day.

View from The Lookout

I quickly discovered that Vancouver is probably one of the most wonderful cities in North America.  Great weather… it was in the upper 60’s the whole week I was there, in late June.  A little rain early in the morning, and then sun.  Public transport was so easy to navigate and I could get wherever I wanted to go.  Food was fabulous.  You can choose from any ethnic menu imaginable, or go for an organic salad at the little corner bistro.  If you like good coffee, which is one of my favorite things, I found this was a great city to sit in a café and watch the world walk by.

Live volcano…. not spouting off today!

I didn’t get to half of the activities on my list, because every day my list grew. On my first afternoon in town, I saw floatplanes landing and taking off from the harbor. It looked like incredible fun, so I signed on and took a tour up the coastline, flying over mountains, glaciers and snow covered peaks.  That was exciting!  The next day I jumped on a shuttle bus from downtown to the southwest coast of Vancouver, and took a boat trip to watch killer whales.  Wow – incredible is an understatement!

View of Vancouver from a bike in Stanley Park

There were open-air markets, shopping, a comfortable and clean B & B, a wonderful public library, art and history museums, and gorgeous gardens. Everything and even more than I expected to find.

More stories to follow, but I am packing for Italy right now.  (Believe it or not, I broke my foot…. Frankenboot travels to Italy, too.)


6 thoughts on “British chap + Spanish explorer, sprinkle with rain and voila: Vancouver

  1. Broke your foot??? Going to Italy???? Hope someone is there with you pushing you around in your princely pushchair! Lovely pictures and the travelling seems wonderful – hope you’re continuing to have a good time.

    Leaving Monday – I am sure it will be lovely! I want to know more about Cyprus…. you go there often. I am going to do a little research right now. Thanks for dropping in Corri. 🙂


  2. Vancouver is very high on my list of places to visit – but I hope I don’t break my foot when I do! Have a wonderful time in Italy 🙂

    Thanks, Becca! Vancouver is highly recommended by me. I would definitely visit again.


  3. Vancouver and Italy are both on my bucket list. Even with a broken foot, I suspect you will have a marvelous time–and then tell us all about it!! Enjoy!

    I can now recommend both! The foot/boot have really given me a different perspective, that’s certain. And I did have a marvelous time in both places. Thanks!!


  4. Ah, never mind that broken foot. Think of the solicitous attention you’ll garner! Have a wonderful time – I’m anxious to follow your journeys!

    You were absolutely right, Linda. Solicitous was an understatement. I was whisked around long lines in airports at every point of the journey, which made the arduous part of the trip much, much easier. It was a lovely time, even with the boot in tow.


  5. It’s glorious — and what is even better is that you have so many wonderful things to do when you return. I want to follow every single one of them!

    Okey dokey!!


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