The Continued Tale of Das Boot

Das Boot made it to the top of the hill at Boboli Gardens!



Das Boot thought the view of Florence was grand from up there.



Having tried an Italian bus, Das Boot decided to ride the rails next.



To be continued…

4 thoughts on “The Continued Tale of Das Boot

  1. Looks like you’re having a marvelous time. Not only that, you’ve got cute toes. 😉
    Ha! You can’t see the ones that were squished by the board, here! But a marvelous time, yes!!


  2. Such a brave little boot, hiking about, fed on “harvest blend” and trying whells and the rail…egads, that picture of Florence from that one spot is AWESOME!
    Stories, said the crowd, feed us some more stories! Picture stories. Written stories. ANything – your travels are remarkable and want to know what you think of all you see.

    What a wonderful time. What wonderful light shows in all the pictures. Way different than the summer light here in the Midwest.

    Looking forward to more, Boot!

    Done with the boot, back to running and jumping and playing… but mostly working. Obviously from my lack of writing. Sigh.


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