A meditation on the waters of Bali – Matador Travel E-zine

A published article!!  Please find it at Matador Travel – Brave New Traveler.  I am posting some pictures here that illustrate the article.

Thanks for checking it out – and please leave a comment there if you have time!!





8 thoughts on “A meditation on the waters of Bali – Matador Travel E-zine

  1. Beautiful pics – did you get them published? How exciting!

    Hi squiddleberry – no the pics weren’t published – just the article. Maybe next time they will use my photos. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Righto! I’m going there now to check it out – CONGRATS on publishing. Yeah, I’m a dork about such things – YES I’ll leave a comment. More later– 🙂


  3. Been there and can tell you – your photo of the pink water lily is better than anything they chose 😉

    Congrats on the publication. It’s an interesting site and I enjoyed your article – although from what I remember reading here, I think I preferred your blog entries. Word count requirements could have something to do with that!

    I’ll be sure and leave a comment, but just now I’m about to do a faceplant on my keyboard. Tomorrow!


  4. Congratulations, my friend! Quite the accomplishment — I will pop over there tomorrow and comment! The photos, as always, are stunners.

    You have often been in my heart these past days, my friend. Know and feel that energy coming your way.

    I’d recognize you anywhere, Jeanie.
    Thanks – I’m feelin’ the love 🙂


  5. Congratulations!!! I came, I read, I commented. It’s a gorgeous piece (I liked the focus on water), but there was more “you” more life, in your blog entries (but I can appreciate why you didn’t include some of the details from those). NEXT TIME MAKE THEM USE YOUR PICTURES!!!! These are personal, exquisite; theirs are generic…

    Okay, ds… next time I will insist they use my photos!! I really did write to the prompt, so blog style just wouldn’t do. Thanks for going and reading and commenting!!


  6. You haven’t said what you’re writing next, or again, or still…?
    Fess up…
    (and btw, I agree with everyone else – they should have used YOUR pictures in your story.)

    See? You have fans!!!!!

    Dear Fan LOL you are toooo kind. But thanks.
    Writing, still, as always. Had to get a tape recorder because all the things I am writing while driving or walking slip away when I reach pen and paper! Now all I have to do is listen to the recording and write down the gazillion pages I “wrote” since I started.

    Life threw way too many curve balls for me to handle gracefully…. getting back in the swing, though. Will report all soon! Thanks!!!!!


  7. I see you’re still alive – just bumped into your comment at Carl’s. Hope all is going well, and you’re happy with whatever you’re involved with. Isn’t it about time for a new pic of that beautiful baby? 😉

    Hi Linda. Thanks! I am alive… though I had a little bit of a scare in August and was sick for a couple months. All is well now. I have been focusing on “real” writing – the kind you get paid for! Fairly successful so far, but no where near retirement!
    You are right, a pic of Teagan is definitely over due. She has grown so; I can hardly believe it. And what fun!!
    I do go out and read, but just haven’t had the time to do much commenting. My bad!! Thanks for checking up on me.


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