Brave New Traveler, Arvol Looking Horse, and tt, of course

A published article!  I’ve been working very hard at this….. the real deal!  Doesn’t look like I will be retiring from the day job any time soon, but one has to start somewhere, right?  I have a couple more pieces sitting on the publishers desk, ready to find their way to print at any moment.

Please, if you have a moment, go to Brave New Traveler.

Still haven’t found an agent for “the manuscript” yet…. taking a hiatus from that.  Focusing on publishing takes all of my free time (that and hanging out with tt).  I miss posting here, chatting with you, checking out your blog, but one must prioritize (so I am told).

And speaking of tt, she sleeps soundly in the next room.  We have a tradition!  She stays over night every Friday night.  Mama gets a break and a good night sleep, and Grandma has a great time.  We camp out together… there is nothing like waking up in the morning to a cherubic face smiling at you.  Ahhhh, joy.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

6 thoughts on “Brave New Traveler, Arvol Looking Horse, and tt, of course

  1. How very wonderful to hear those warm words of grammahood! I cherish the pictures of your two generation of ladies! About the agent/publisher, I am still programming and visualizing. Thank you for this wonderful sharing.

    Hi Eliz, thanks for visiting. It is my pleasure to share these wonders!!


  2. I can’t see too many photos of tt! And I was interested to see Theroux in your sidebar. I love his travel writing, and The Mosquito Coast is an all time favorite. Actually, I know someone with an invention who’s precisely like the father in Mosquito Coast – rather terrifying, actually.

    Off now to check out your article again – I’ll try to behave 😉

    Hi Linda, The Theroux was the first non fiction I have read by him. He is a character in the book, which is pretty funny. Thanks for reading and commenting on Brave New Traveler, too. You were very well behaved! 🙂


  3. So glad to find you here, Q, and love that baby picture!! omg, what a treat to be close to one another and go “camping” every Friday!

    Yes, I DID go to your article and left a comment. Keep going! it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to write and it’s wonderful-er to be read! And you have great stories and observations.

    No kidding. HM and I are headed to the Dakotas after winter.

    Happy Holiday-ing!

    hugs, Oh

    Hugs to you, Oh! and happy holidays – the favorite time of year. I want to hear more about this article you’ve just had published… where is it!!??


  4. Your wee lass just gets cuter and cuter! And so lucky to have sleepovers at Grandma’s already!

    Read, loved, and commented on your article. Fascinating man, Chief Looking Horse. Congratulations on being published! I predict much more of same in the future.

    Belated Thanksgiving wishes–but I suspect everyday is a holiday when it has that marvelous baby face in it. Keep reveling!

    Hi ds, I hope you are reveling now, too. Thanks for reading and commenting at BNT. Your support is MUCHO appreciated. I hope you have snow – we have more coming our way soon. Happy holidays!!


  5. Well, she’s the cutest thing of all time! I love your new tradition!

    So good to hear from you the other day. I’ll have more adventures soon — meanwhile, I’m glad you’re back!

    Hi Jeanie, I loved taking the trip with you to Northville, MI! Happy Holidays!!


  6. Just dropping by for no good reason but to say we all expect for the lovely, utterly adorable Christmas photo of the wee one to show up soon 😉 You know there will be one or two!

    Hope all is going well. There’s always “too much to do” this time of year, but the other side of it is that we have all the time there is. I know you’re making good use of it!

    too much too much too much and so little time! truly wish I could give up sleep. thanks for checking! those pics of tt will show up any day now!!


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