The Dervish is Still Whirling

Three months, fifteen pounds, blowing bubbles and smiling

We (my son who is home for two weeks – hurrah, and I) were talking this morning as we walked, about the jolt that triggers a forgotten memory.  The jolt might be a fragrance, the sight of something, or someone mentioning a long lost event.  I wish I had a more efficient filing system for all the memories that have been consigned to the deep and dark oblivion hole in my recall.

What picture does the aroma of corn cooking on a grill evoke for you?  How about when a person passes you on the sidewalk and the fragrance of patchouli wafts through the air?  Walking through a city you haven’t visited in many years, and coming upon a sign or place you remember from that other time; does it take you back?  For me, the fragrance of lavender brings back a major transitioning time in my life.  It happened to be the fragrance of the lotion from Thymes Co. I was using at the time.   When I smell it, the aura of that time is instantly recaptured, and I feel, momentarily, the way I felt then, ten years ago.

The Thymes Company

I wonder what will bring the recall of this time in my life, ten years from now?  Will it be a song, a smell, or a sound?  Who knows?  But here I am, ten years after the BIG transition, in a new time of MAJOR change.

For Sale, please write if interested…

See that sign?  Yup; the house is for sale.  Maybe not the best market, but we decided it is time to move on.  My baby graduated from high school this month, and she is heading to school in Chicago in the fall.

I am shedding just a little tear; my baby is grown up!

Sure, she will be coming home, but I really don’t need a four-bedroom house with no kids living here!  Of course, two days after the house went on the market, I noticed water dripping from the basement ceiling.  Unfortunately, it was coming from the second floor, so everything in between had to be torn up and dried out; disaster!  Thank goodness for insurance.  So the house was off the market for two prime weeks.  Oh well.  We continue to pack and paint and try to part with treasures.


I learned a few weeks ago that my job may be obsolete this fall.  The public school system, in its infinite (infinitesimal, I mean) wisdom, laid off 460 new teachers.  Those are the teachers I mentor.  No new teachers, no mentors needed.  Yikes again.  I am looking for a new job.

The good news?  Being a grandma is wonderful!  She is growing up fast, becoming more “human,” and she is a lot of fun.  I get to see her almost every day; I don’t know how I survived before she was born!  Her aunt and uncle fight over her, and everyone wants to nap with her.

Auntie won nap time today.

I love blowing bubbles, reading books about Maisy, and my grandma!

The garden is looking lovely.  I am sick of weeding, however, and the rain has finished off the strawberries early in the season.  I won’t mind moving someplace where the garden grows in pots!

Popping Peach Poppies

Neon pink Pinks

Romantic, aromatic roses

I have been entertaining myself with a little sewing late at night, when the house is quiet.  There is nothing like the hum of the sewing machine at midnight when you don’t have to get up for work in the morning.  I have been taking the empty coffee bags from Alterra and making purses and bags and wallets.   It’s been fun, and they are great gifts for the people who work there; a thanks for making part of my day quite pleasant.

Alterra Coffee is the best.

My camera and computer fit too!

More good news has come my way; I received the contract in the mail from the publishing company that is interested in publishing my book.  Now I have to find a lawyer to help me read the contract!  More talk of that in the next few weeks.

Of course there are books being read, food being cooked, travel being planned.  Hopefully there will be more time to share in the next few weeks.  It’s good to be back here.

9 thoughts on “The Dervish is Still Whirling

  1. Mazel Tov on the contract! It has been a long time coming!

    That’s for sure! Thanks for the mazel tov, vine.


  2. Yikes! One baby graduating, another growing (oh, so cute!), moving house, changing job, gaining CONTRACT (yippee!), I’m dizzy just from reading about it all. Wonderful photos. Congratulations and happy Summer!

    Thanks, ds. Happy summer to you too! Is your basil still growing strong? My basil and strawberries have been drowned!
    I am dizzy too…….


  3. So great to hear from you, it has been awhile, at least over here anyway.

    I’m sorry you might have job issues this fall. I’ll hope and pray that isn’t the case and/or that you find some amazing job quickly.

    I don’t envy you the house selling and all the packing and moving, though it does make sense for you to have something smaller and more manageable since your children are grown.

    That purse looks fantastic! And I’m very excited about your book, I hope you’ll keep us updated on all the goings on with that and everything else.

    I’ve said this before, but your grandbaby is just the cutest thing!

    Scent is a big memory trigger for me, especially cinnamon, which brings so many Christmases to mind. Once in awhile I’ll catch a whiff of a certain perfume that might remind me of some old high school girlfriend or my wife and some special memory that we have. The smells of the air in the fall and winter especially bring back childhood memories. The smell of new lumber always makes me think of my dad, who has been building things as a hobby all of my life.

    Hi Carl! You know how much I miss blogging… but you also know what it is like to be torn between this fun and the demands of every day life. arghhhhhh
    It’s funny, the evocative memory starters you mention are all about fragrance. They are the strongest for me too, so I read a little bit about it: “Only two synapses separate the olfactory nerve from the amygdala, which is involved in experiencing emotion and also in emotional memory (Herz & Engen, 1996). In addition, only three synapses separate the olfactory nerve from the hippocampus, which is implicated in memory, especially working memory and short-term memory. Olfaction is the sensory modality that is physically closest to the limbic system, of which the hippocampus and amygdala are a part, and which is responsible for emotions and memory. Indeed this may be why odor-evoked memories are unusually emotionally potent.” So there you have it in a nutshell.

    And that grandbaby? Dang, she is the cutest little thing, isn’t she?! Her latest is spitting. She just can’t get enough of practicing spitting. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

    Thanks for the positive thoughts and wishes for my employment future. I was bummed at first, but I am always up for change, so maybe it’s time….. when one door closes, and all that.

    The book. The contract. A long story. Oh, the twisted and tumultuous path of publishing in the modern day. A story for another day.

    Thanks for stopping in. I do read your every post, but I can’t visit everyone and comment every time, so…. forgive me.


  4. And it’s good to have you back on blog! But after hearing all this, I can see why you’ve been away — life does get in the way, doesn’t it? Not always bad (though you could do without that water thing and the concern of the job…).

    But there is joy that I see in this post, too. Those photos of Teagan are really, pure and simple, to die for — especially those little feet! And my goodness! A contract! That is seriously exciting! I mean, really! They don’t just hand those out like jelly beans! And to see your beautiful coffee bags — time to be creative visually, too! Capturing such wonderful images (I’ve always said you’re one of the best), cooking and reading and traveling — well, the uncertainties may be there, but in that comes great opportunity!

    What a perfect post to read this morning!

    Thanks for dropping in with your ever positive outlook on life, Jeanie. The water, the job… I didn’t even mention the family issues! Yikes again!!
    But you are absolutely right – uncertainties bringing great opportunities – I am excited about the possibilities, and as my father always told me, “You can do anything you want – you just have to decide, and then do it!”
    As a crafter, you totally understand the pleasure I get from making those “coffee bags.” Much cheaper than a shrink! And so practical, too.
    As I told Carl, I visit and read all my blog buddy posts, but just don’t have the time to comment on everything. Know I am there, however, appreciating you! So nice to hear from you. 🙂


  5. I loved reading this and catching up with you and your life 🙂 So many things going on, so many changes, and I’m happy to see you embracing them in such a positive way – I needed to hear that today, so it was a good shot in the arm for me!

    The bit about recalling memories struck home too, because I get those same feelings when I smell certain aromas or hear songs. I sometimes pause and think that, yes, I’m creating memories at this moment, of a time and place in my life that will never return, and wonder what will recall them to me in the future.

    You’ll be in my thoughts as you face all these new beginnings~ I hope many good things are in the offing for you and your lovely family.

    Thanks for the good thoughts, Becca. Change continues to swirl around me, but I am hanging in there! Glad it was a good shot in the arm for you…… not too painful, I hope!


  6. Q – You are awash in change – and how exciting all of it! (ok, well except for the leak, but you have that under control.)
    The garden pictures, especially that one rose that stares back at us with all its petals and layers showing (gorgeous) are wonderful and though you might miss it, well, as you say – things come in pots.
    I am enchanted with your midnight sewing – how clever. And I was surprised to hear of your mentor job being cut but wonderfully surprised and delighted to hear of your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? A book? egads, I’ve missed something. Have you talked a lot about this?
    I am one of those people happy to have a byline in a magazine and here you are – with a book! Big hugs and congratualations and yes, tell more about it, please.

    And i chuckled to hear of the “fighting” over the baby – who wouldn’t want that little doll’s full attention? She is another bloomnto behold.

    Rock on – and keep us current!
    Rock on – haha!! I got nap time with Teagan a couple days ago. Ahhhhhhh, nothing like a baby’s soft breath on your cheek.


  7. Word on the street is you have a TON of rain. Hope all is well where you are. And with those you love.


    Hey Jeanie! Thanks for checking up on me. I sent you an email. Ton of rain indeed… neck deep on some streets!


  8. Big changes indeed! Having just finished a major move myself, I have deep empathy for your “weeding out” process – but in the end the feeling is very freeing and puts a new perspective on things. Enjoy the rest of your summer days! Deb

    So nice to hear from you Deb! I envy you – your move is over. It is traumatizing, isn’t it… but I know you are right – ridding my life of some of the “stuff” will be a very good thing. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi!


  9. I keep coming by here and re-reading, but I haven’t been able to focus enough to leave a comment – there’s so much loveliness!

    Your poppy is simply beautiful. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, and a I have hand-painted dressser tray with one of those unusually colored beauties on it. Not only that, it’s exactly the color of my 6th grade graduation dress. I think of it as orange sherbet, actually – not the ghastly stuff in the grocery, but that nice (ok – also ghastly) wedding punch made of orange sherbet and sparkling water.

    We do need updates – about Teagan, the book, the house – everything! I hope the summer’s going well, and that you aren’t suffering from the heat. It seems to be widely and strangely distributed this year – we expect it, but even Maine has been hot this summer!

    Hi Linda… well I am suffering from just about everything this summer… but this too shall pass.

    Yes, the poppies are so lovely. Like crinkly paper, and gone very quickly. I do love the color too. Hadn’t made the connection to wedding punch, however! Thanks for dropping in and leaving a note.


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