10 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. LOVE the new look!!
    Perfect for Spring!
    Wishing you a lovely Easter!

    Thank you Pamela! I am having lots of fun, this first day of the spring break. And I am looking forward to that huge bowl of trifle after the Easter Brunch with my family tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely Easter too.


  2. I do like it, but the title in the header disappears for me – I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what it said. Maybe just a slight color adjustment is all it would take – perhaps a little lighter.

    Or maybe I just should squint harder! 😉

    I sure wouldn't want you to have to squint, Linda... it causes wrinkles around the eyes! I made it a much lighter color and in bold so hopefully it doesn't disappear now. Thanks for the suggestion.


  3. NIce new look! I especially love the quote and the photograph of the headstones in the cemetery.

    Thanks 🙂
    That was a nice trip. Charleston S.C. next?


  4. Aha! Yes, this works grandly. Are you getting sucked into more than 20 minutes a day in blog land? hmmm??? well, I don’t care. It’s absolutely worth it for us, your reader friends.
    And it’s fun to poke around over here. Will next explore the “Pathologcial picture taker.” We gotta have our pictures (picture stories, that is!), don’t we?

    Now what’s this, a book? Dish more, please (or have i missed out posts about it.) No, no, don’t talk about it. Steals the magic. Just find agent/publisher. go!

    And you’re reading HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY! Rec’d as a gift and very anxious to begin it but have (for some good reason, I think) enslaved myself to reading some of my writing books.

    Will be back soon! And regards to G-Baby and the ever patient dogs as well!

    ummmmmm….caught in the act! I have an excuse though! I am off work and teaching this week for spring break, so I am indulging in my free time.
    Yes, well, the book. I have a few of them, looking for a home. One of these days…..
    I figure the first was for practice. The second I didn’t back up and lost when my computer was stolen, Three is the magic number!!! Fingers crossed at the moment.
    Her Fearful Symmetry is great. Hard to put down at night… I burned the midnight oil a bit last night so will (sadly) finish it today. I haven’t read her first book, so I plan to head over to the library this afternoon. Writing books are grand! What are you reading now? My fav is Bird by Bird. I think I will have to haul it out this week; thanks for the little nudge!


  5. Oh, this is so very nice! The new color brings out the font, which is one of the most unusual and nicest I’ve seen. And the color is there in the wall, though muted.

    It is fun to play with the look just a bit, isn’t it? I’ve started having some fun with my Mucha lady – I let her hold a shamrock for St. Patrick’s day 😉

    Thanks to you, Linda. I did notice your shamrock for St. Pat’s day. It was a treat for me. 😉
    It is a nice font – herculanum – available everywhere!


  6. Love this new look! Very, very clever, and I didn’t have to squint 😉 And your title font? Way cool. This definitely becomes you (in every sense, ha!).

    Thanks, ds! I am so pleased to get passing grades from all. I do love this font; there is little occasion to use it since it is all caps, so I was happy it worked here. I had a very fun day indulging myself with foolishness, putting this together. You’re right – it does become me – I have those little furrow lines from too much squinting… probably under the covers with a flashlight to read, all those years ago!


  7. This is fabulous! I love the cemetery — I have this fondness for cemeteries, probably because I know so many people who live in one. It’s a beautiful design, font, and very light! I think your photos will look great. As one who has trouble reading type in reverse, I know it will be very easy for me to read!

    Thanks, Jeanie! I am very fond of cemeteries too, and have lots of photos of various ones I have visited over the years. I know what you mean about the light background – much easier on the eyes! Happy Spring 🙂


  8. Great new look! I’m glad to see you back in the blogsphere!
    And many congratulations on your grandaughter – what a beauty she is 🙂 She’ll love all the stories you’ll tell her!

    Hi Becca, thanks all the way around!! That little girl is a sweetheart. So far I am only singing songs, but the stories will come soon. When my kids were little, they loved hearing stories about me and my siblings as children, so I am sure the tradition will continue. Thanks for the visit – it is good to be hanging out in the blogsphere again.


  9. It will take a bit of time for this old broad, I loved the other so much. But, I’m on board.
    I live for your blogs and pictures (especially of beautiful babes). Onward and upward with the room filling with appropriate agents and publishers!

    How nice to hear from you MizLiz! And glad you are on board – thanks 🙂
    I would be happy to populate that room you mention! Thinking positively at all times.


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