The snow has almost disappeared.  And look what I spotted today!  There is an end to the eternal in-between time; the end of winter and beginning of spring.  The streets are mucky and gray, the ground is too wet to walk on, and garbage appears from under piles of melting snow.  As I walked the dogs this afternoon, listening to some robins chirping about their nest building, I was reminded of the first poem I ever wrote:

Snow is white, and

Summer is green.

And in the summer

I grow my beans.

Flowers and grass

will not grow,

in the white

and heavy snow.

Give me a break!  I was only seven; but it did appear in the school’s mimeographed newspaper.  I haven’t done much rhyming work since then.  The snow is no longer white here, but spring is just about upon us.  One of the first things to bloom in my yard will be the Redbud:


We will be well into summer before the roses blossom, but it’s nice to think about…


There is the promise, though…

Speaking of promise, and what is to come, we are waiting for an arrival…..  We did a lot of work to prepare for the moment.


First, we found a chair on Craig’s list, went to JoAnn Fabric, and chose seven different fabrics.  Next we recovered the chair cushions, making a little roll pillow for the lower back:


Then we recovered the shade on the lamp that was in the girls’ room when they were little, along with painting their pink bookshelf a springy, light green:


We measured the window and sewed the curtains:


And made tie-backs for the curtains from chains of elephants we found at World Market:


We went to the Folk Fair, bought some Chinese zodiac symbols, and found the perfect frames at the Dollar Tree:


Of course every room needs a variety of pillows:


There was a Haitian painting in the basement that fit the theme perfectly:


A skirt for the bed and collaged letters on the wall…..


Now we are anxiously waiting for the occupant to arrive – she is one day overdue!!


Gaelic for ‘little poet.’ Let’s hope she has more talent in that area than I did.

I have missed blogging and reading blogs and commenting on blogs.  2010 has had a rather trying and very busy beginning.  I think I am beyond the most difficult, however, and look forward to getting back into the mix.  I am teaching a night class at Carroll University, Understanding Self, Race, Class and Gender to Leverage Student Achievement, which has been interesting, and quite a challenge.  I attended a fabulous writer’s conference this past weekend, meeting a few agents, many writers, and a few soul mates.  I am doing quite a bit of writing, which has become the top of my priority list… although when Teagan shows up, I suspect writing will be bumped to second place.  I have a partial manuscript being read by an agent right now, and a full manuscript being read by an editor of a small publishing company.

Life goes on.  Happy spring to you.  I hope everyone I have “talked” with in the past forgives me for my neglect, and I hope you will come back to visit and comment now and then.  I will be visiting you!

7 thoughts on “Transitions…..

  1. from the rose (which looks edible or wearable or something just so…appealing to all the senses) to the tiebacks from World Market which is a grand idea, to the recovered chair with roll pillow to the prints on the wall…this was a visual treat in all the colors and doodads and fabrics great for ANY room. Please come over. Just one room. I’ll just ask you to do one room!

    BTW, I am doing what you mentioned, too. Twenty minutes. I write something and then leave one comment on someone else’s somewhere. Or, I just leave comments. But it’s timed. Because egads, one can get lost for hours in blogworld (as we know!)

    Welcome back. and happy spring to ya’, too!

    Sure I’ll be happy to do one room… but I’ll have to bring my daughter with me. Without her cracking the whip, I wouldn’t get much done. Much rather read than sew!

    Thanks for the visit, Oh – my 20 minutes are up now!


  2. Oh, how wonderful to have a new baby for Springtime!!
    And I adore her name!
    Don’t forget the pictures when she arrives!!

    Spring is here, the snow is gone, and Teagan has arrived. Will post pics soon. Thanks for coming to visit me!


  3. So, so wonderful to have you back! Have to say, that poem was pretty awesome for 7!!! Not sure I could do that well now!

    Congrats on the newest edition. Love all the changes you made to welcome her. They look wonderful. And what a wonderful name! Unique and yet cool at the same time. I look forward to seeing pictures sometime in the future.

    The long, slow winter has really made the first part of 2010 seem a bit unreal in some ways. It wasn’t bad for me, and yet with the scent of spring I still feel like I am coming out of some kind of fog. I’m so glad it is time for the season to change.

    Love having you back!

    thank you Carl! It is so nice to be welcomed back into the fold 🙂
    Yes, our snow is gone and the robins have been chirping. Spring is sprung and Teagan has arrived! She is a doll. She can be the poet in the family!!


  4. So glad to have you back, if only for a moment! Such an exciting addition. Welcome Teagan (do share pictures)!! Love, love, love the room, the photos the busyness–you must explain the class you are teaching sometime; it sounds fascinating. But, what is most important first–and the writing is on the wall for that 🙂 Congratulations!

    Thank you, ds! So happy to have friends visiting, and to go visit them.
    I will definitely share pictures… proud grandma I am!! And I will also share some info about the class – closer to the end of the semester… I will be visiting you in one of my 20 minute allotments in the next couple days. 🙂


  5. Well, I think one of the best things about this spring is that you are back on blog! I’ve popped in every now and then, and while I love the blue moon, I was glad to see it replaced by green sprouts and dazzling flowers! Your jolly room looks so cheery! I love the idea of making tie backs from the elephant chains! And a big welcome to Teagan!

    Oh Jeanie, Thank you! I felt like there was a whopping big hole in my life, but fitting the blog in has been tough with all the other commitments. It is nice to be missed, though!! The room is very jolly and cheerful, especially now that it has a resident! Pics to follow soon.
    Yes, we have lots of sprouts… I refuse to believe that we will get snow this weekend. The pond is almost free of ice and the fish would really like to get back out there. Thanks so much for dropping in!!


  6. I’m so happy to see a new entry, and even more happy to hear about the new arrival. The room is precious, and surely was fun to do. Teagan’s a beautiful name ~ Like everyone else I’ll be looking out now for the pictures. I imagine her with red hair – but that’s just my imagination, and she’ll be lovely and loved no matter such details.

    It is hard to fit it all in, isn’t it? It rained yesterday and was cold and windy today and I set myself a simple task: to catch up with all the blogs I like to read and leave a comment on every, single one. Well, it’s Sunday night at 10:45 and though I’ve done rather well, I’m not yet finished. I will plead a little Congress-watching, and a bit of errand running, but still… it’s hard.

    I have devised me a system, though ~ a kind of rotation, with clickable links for everyone who’s one blogger, etc. That will make it much easier to visit people not on WordPress, with their lovely blog surfer.

    I just had another article published in a Texas boating magazine. I really would like to begin writing more, spending more time on it, but… first I have to get the finances back in order after a varnisher’s nightmare of a winter!

    Enjoy your new babe, and your own writing and spring. It’s as though you’re a brand new sprout peeking up yourself – and it’s wonderful to see you!

    Published again! How wonderful is that!? Is the mag available on-line? Congratulations. You are one, busy varnisher. Do you have set hours a day you MUST write and ignore all distractions?

    Thanks for the good wishes and I am most definitely enjoying the new babe. She is a sweetheart, and of course already knows her grandma! No red hair for our girl; she has her mama’s dark brown hair and her papa’s brown skin. Pictures are coming soon…. I’ve take a million, but haven’t had much time to put a post together. This weekend, for sure.

    Thanks for dropping by and welcoming me back. It’s good to be here 🙂


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