4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. So beautiful – and so un-schmaltzy, which some of us appreciate. 😉

    There were a couple of photos I recognized, and two that are show stoppers. And that red lipstick – do you know I just heard on radio this morning that sales of red lipstick are up 24% over the past month? Wonder why?

    Happy valentine’s day!
    Well, Linda… you know the last thing I would want to be is schmaltzy!
    And red lipstick – I guess the ladies having been prepping for a whole month! Unfortunately, I can’t carry it off. 😉


  2. Some great photos here, qugrainne. I agree with shoreacres; unschmaltzy and beautiful, especially the two of Teagan (those must be the show-stoppers she’s talking about!). Happy St. Valentines Day!
    Undoubtedly, tt is the one!


  3. All your red just makes me smile like crazy! I’m forgetting your sweet dog’s name — Zoe? Not sure — anyway, that’s a hoot! And tt is Ms. Rosy herself — just those cheeks knock red off the map! There was something to love in every photo here! Cheers (and belated Valentine greetings!)

    Hi Jeanie, it is Zoe, but the pic was of my niece Sophie!! lol
    tt is Ms. Rosy, little walking sweetheart soon to be one! Time flies.


  4. How are you? How’s Baby T? (we can still call her a baby, non?) Love your photo here. Just checking in, stealing myself to read blogworld with my coffee on this saturday morning when, if we all lived in the same town, I’d be bugging you to have coffee at the library (you have that insanely awesome library, right?)

    Ah, the household is waking up. Off to steal one more cup before “stirring” myself – cheers to all chez Q!

    Ahhhh, coffee. Yes, let’s get coffee! But it is snowing like mad right now, and I have to drive the youngest back to Chicago…..
    tt is still a baby! She is coming to gramma’s for her weekly overnight tonight, and I can’t wait.
    Greetings to you and yours, too!!


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