Isn’t winter grand?



Remember my office from way back when, a disaster and then organized?  Well, eat your heart out Carl, I am revamping the office, using the above inspiration for color.

Out with the old…….

That looked like this, more often than this:

I am in the process of down sizing, simplifying, organizing, lightening…. results to follow soon.



And of course I have to throw in a picture (or two) of tt!



6 thoughts on “Isn’t winter grand?

  1. Your snow scape pics are absolutely beautiful! And, of course, the Princess tt beyond compare! I so love your photography and regret that I gave up on taking pictures. Maybe I’ll get one of those cheap sure shots and begin again – saw a field of snow with tiny trees growing all in a row poking up from the white snow flow (probably a nursery). Hmmmmm…

    You go girl!!


  2. Well, I personally cannot wait to see the end results. I was doing a bit of planning/dreaming today about my office to library makeover that should be starting soon. Wasn’t able to get measurements for the shelves to my dad today as he was ill, but soon he’ll be working on that and I’ll be moving everything out of here to repaint. I will be sure to take before/during/after pics.

    I will be anxious to see those pics, Carl. Lucky you, to have a talented and willing dad! I ordered shelving from an online store and I am sure they will be poor quality, but… oh well. Painting? hmmmmmm I wonder what color??? I went from the dark sage green to a Martha Stewart/Magnolia Grandiflora. I big departure from the norm for me.


  3. Well, you know I love the snow pics, especially the one with the sun, but TT!!!! Oh, the little doll! How on earth do you get anything done? And I can’t believe how quickly she’s grown…it seems like yesterday she was such a wee one.
    You know I’m looking forward to your “after” pictures. Then you’re hired to come here and work some magic. We have put new windows in and so had to strip all the “stuff” (curtains and flotsam and jetsam) away from the window area and now it’s clean and bright, an effect which will no doubt ripple through here as well.
    Keep us posted!!!!

    PS What are you writing – I hope I haven’t missed a travel article…?

    Article coming up March-ish in The Literary Traveler (!
    Still working on the “office.” Taking two coats of paint because the bottom layer is sooooo dark. I paint a few feet a day…..
    Isn’t letting the light in refreshing? I didn’t realize what I was missing with all the dark colors, curtains, etc. I am feeling very Scandinavian now!


  4. You definitely make it look grand! Cannot wait for the spring though….

    Ah well, all in good time! If you can’t beat it, enjoy it!! The only part that bothers me is the endless shoveling. It snowed a couple inches again today. Beautiful and clean, but… out come the shovels again.


  5. Your photos are beautiful. Is that what they call hoarfrost? It doesn’t quite look like snow, and that surely is a frosty sky!

    No frost around tt, though – what warm and lovely photographs. Like oh, I just can’t comprehend how you could do anything with her around except cater to her every whim and be entranced.

    I love organization. I spent the whole of last year working bit by bit and finally have some space and some clarity on where things are. Now, if it will just warm up enough that I can clear all of my plants out of the house, things will be fine!

    Yes, this whole attempt at organization is starting to feel quite liberating. I liberated myself from many, long held objects which held no great value or importance… otherwise known as trash or recyclables! My daughter hauled away a trunk load of goodies and we traded desks. My big one for her little one. Downsizing feel good.
    And tt? I don’t accomplish anything when she is here except play, play, read, read, and marvel at the wonder of her! And, as a grandma should, I do indeed cater to her every whim with delight.
    I would call it hoar frost. Diamond covered everything, gorgeous and very cold.


  6. Giggle, giggle. How often have I tried to organize or reorganize my art room/office. It hink yours looks darned good and I’ll be curious to see how you can improve on it!

    I knew you’d have glorios snow pix! It is indeed amazing eye candy!

    Of course, I think the best eye candy in this post is our Ms. tt — there’s a lot of character in that wee little face! And I can just see the joy!

    Can you also see the little devil in that face!!?? She is a girl with a mind of her own! Mama’s stubbornness and Daddy’s assertiveness make one feisty girl! She is a treat.

    I continue to work on the organization…..


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