Beam Me Up, Scotty

Two days off work: school cancelled because of severely cold weather. I can’t help but think, “Make up time….. tomorrow will be hell.” A friend said he was coming to dinner tonight, cancelled at the last minute. Too cold to go for a walk: hyper dogs all day. House is destroyed. Am I feeling out … More Beam Me Up, Scotty

Bali – and people

There is one more Bali post in the wings, but life has interfered with my blog time!  Thanks to encouragement from Linda Shoreacres, I am posting pictures today.  Thanks Linda.  You made my day!! This trip to Bali was about a lot of things for me.  Spending time alone, reading, meeting people, taking photos, writing.  … More Bali – and people

Bali – 9

Padangbai.  The Indian Ocean.  Not the surfer’s paradise on the west coast, but the diver’s paradise on the east coast.  Japanese, Dutch, Australian – the latter, big with blond hair and sun reddened skin, out for drinks after a day of diving.  And me, escaping the jungle and the insects and the lizards and the … More Bali – 9

as shadows fade – the gardella vampire chronicles by colleen gleason

Vampires? Romance? Bodices bursting on book covers? I don’t read those types of books.  And then Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings introduced me to Colleen Gleason and the Gardella Vampire Chronicles.  I read, enjoyed, and reviewed the first four books in the series last fall. Unlike most vampire stories which are set in modern time, … More as shadows fade – the gardella vampire chronicles by colleen gleason