Summer, the 4th, and what’s new!

It has been quite a long hiatus from WordPress. I missed writing here, though I have kept up with my usual round of blogs whether I commented when I visited you or not. I have really been limiting my time on the computer the past few weeks. Wrapping up the end of the school year with a round of seminars and meetings ate up a fair bit of time. Lots of my free time went to family activities, which has been wonderful. My son and I signed up for a 5k run called Storm the Bastille, which starts at 9pm the first night of Bastille Days on July 9th (you know, Milwaukee, the city of festivals!). We have been running, biking, and strength training to get in shape.

There have been numerous family gigs: my uncle in town from Nevada is reason for a gathering of all the cousins, my mother’s annual garden party, and birthdays to celebrate. My baby turns 17 on Monday! Time flies.

And just around the corner, a trip to Bali. It has taken time and planning to get organized for my travels. Typhoid, polio, tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and Encephalitis vaccinations, and malaria medication, as well as antibiotics in case of “traveler’s diarrhea.” This all entailed numerous doctor office and travel clinic visits. Indonesian rupiahs have been ordered through AAA and have arrived. Gifts for my cousin and her family have been purchased. Other than packing, I think I am ready to go.

I have been taking lots of photos the past few weeks, getting to know my camera better.


On a bike ride along the lakefront.

The puppy is really growing up.  Terra puts up with her, but Zoe absolutely adores Terra.  Their favorite napping spot:


Terra can’t keep her eyes open!

The garden has needed a lot of attention.  Weeds love all the rain Milwaukee has received!  The garden in the back yard is only four years old, but is outgrowing its space.  I think I was a little too ambitious when I planted nine trees and ten bushes, along with the pond and all the flowers.  Trim trim trim.


The fish are really liking summer big time!



For the past month, I have been picking strawberries – three or four quarts a day.  What we don’t eat fresh, I have been freezing.  Wonderful in January!  I love the quadruple ones.


My cousin’s husband is a Harley Davidson aficionado.  We went to the Harley museum shop to get him a t-shirt, and of course we had to take a spin around the museum while we were there.  What a fun place!  I decided designing a museum would be a great job!



Of course the bike in Easy Rider was a Harley Davidson.

The day for my mother’s garden party was beautiful, perfect temperature, no rain in sight!  There was a strolling violinist, tea sandwiches, trifle for dessert, and a garden hat competition.  I made carrot cupcakes with marzipan garden hats for decoration.


And today is the fourth of July.

Happy Holidays!!

Stay safe and enjoy

10 thoughts on “Summer, the 4th, and what’s new!

  1. And happy 4th to you! And have a ball in Bali. (I look forward to those pictures, too.) I hear ya’ on the busy thing – summer opens so many doors and few of them have to do with sitting at a PC. I do love your pictures in this post. I can’t believe how Zoe has grown and what an adorable “napping” place picture. good old Terra! And the strawberry picture really caught my fancy…ditto on the cupcakes! (hmmmm…I haven’t had breakfast yet!)

    Good luck on the Storm the Bastille run – what a wonderful reason to be out and about!

    Happy 4th to you and yours!

    Thanks, Oh. Happy, happy summer – isn’t it grand? From fireworks to strawberries to swimming in the pool.
    I will definitely be posting Bali pics…. counting the days to blast off!!!


  2. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see the photographs from Bali!!
    And I love the puppies!
    Good to see you back.

    Thanks, Pamela – I miss writing here, but the time……. Yes, the puppies are well, and that baby Zoez is growing up. She has a ferocious bark!! A few more days, and I will be posting about my arrival in Bali. I am very excited.


  3. Such beautiful pictures! I think you know your camera rather well, or surely it knows you! It must be very exciting to plan such an adventure. I been overseas quite often, but I’ve never been to Bali; can’t wait to hear what you experience there. Blessings, b.
    Hi Bellezza – thank you! This Bali trip will be a new experience for me, too. I never thought I would travel past Western Europe…. never say never!


  4. The cakes are hilarious – and very impressive, and the garden is looking wonderful. It’s funny how summertime, which ought to be relaxed, is always so very busy. Have a wonderful time in Bali – I’ve never been but it’s supposed to be gorgeous.

    Hi Litlove – the cakes were pretty funny – and fun to make, but I was ready to be done after twelve of them! You are right: summer is never lazy. Good weather and all, just too much to do. Thanks for the good time wishes for Bali. I will report back!


  5. Qugrainne, you are a woman of many talents, indeed!! The pictures, the garden–those cupcakes! Awesome. Have a fabulous time in Bali–you know we all wish we could go with you & will be there vicariously. You and the camera are clearly ready. Enjoy!!

    Thanks, ds! I will enjoy and report all, and maybe even inspire someone else to go to Bali! My cousin’s guest house is for rent, very reasonable, and I can hook you up!! Now and then I wake in the middle of the night and say to myself, “Are you out of your mind?” I quickly close my eyes again before I can answer and say it will be fine, it will be fine, it will be fine! I am sure it will be. 😉


  6. Those cupcakes are to die for! I know what you mean about trying to limit computer time. Mine was by necessity while I was in France and then by misfortune when I couldn’t access wifi this past weekend, which may have been a good thing.

    You will be SO glad you got a primo-camera for your trip to Bali. The photos you’re showing are absolutely marvelous — very clear, detailed (and your eye, of course, is terrific). I thought about this too late for my trip, and while I took enough photos to manage to get some good ones, I would have have more options with a better zoom and better camera. Live and learn. Before I go again!

    Hi Jeanie. I have always borrowed my daughter’s camera – she is good about sharing! Because I am going to be gone for a month, however, I didn’t think I could borrow quite that long. She has “Warped Tour” concert pictures to take while I am gone!! So I got my own camera and I am soooooo happy I did. I take it everywhere with me and it is so wonderful to just snap away – being digital – and not having to worry about the cost of film like “back in the day.” Nikons rule!!!


  7. How wonderful it is to live and travel vicariously through you all. Your photography is wonderful – as others have mentioned, you obviously have the mechanics of it all under control!

    The peach-colored poppy (?) is astonishingly beautiful – I could look at it all day.

    As for that question – “Am I out of my mind?” – perhaps you are. Is that a problem? 😉

    I suspect being out of my mind has helped me to survive the culture shock!


  8. I thought for some reason I posted on this one but evidently not. The pictures are gorgeous! Wow!

    I hope you are enjoying your July. The recent dip in temperatures has made this the most pleasant July I can remember. Makes me even more anxious to get to autumn!

    Please – summer summer summer summer!!!!! Fall is lovely but winter is just so long!


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