How my life went to the dogs

Lists are the way I normally accomplish things that need to get… accomplished!  I have been unable to make a list for the past two weeks because I knew reading it would put me over the edge.  This blog is misnamed; it should be So Many Chores, So Little Time.  Books?  Who has time to read at all?  Looking at the stack of filing that has been mushrooming on my desk for months, I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it will take to go through.  My file drawers aren’t even big enough to hold what’s stacked on top, which means I will have to go through everything and weed out trash.  I should go through clothes and jackets and put away the winter and get out and wash the summer.  Just what I want to do on a lovely Saturday.  There is the new camera I need to read up on and get out and practice with.  Sure.  And the manuscript.  And the query letter.  And the synopsis.

Now, if I didn’t have to go to work, I could probably catch up.  So guess what has gotten the ax for a couple weeks?  You guessed it.  And it makes me very sad, but I can’t read and comment on yours and write on mine too.  So I am catching you up on the puppy and the very patient Terra who only bites Zoë now and then when she just can’t take it any more.   Walking them three times a day takes a lot of time, too.  And there are children, and the job, the basement, and…….  I better stop now.  It is starting to look like a list, and I might cry.





Her other name is imp!  Remind me not to get another puppy, please.

I’ll be back.   I will keep reading your blog!  Check up on me in a week or so, please.

11 thoughts on “How my life went to the dogs

  1. This definitely sounds like a job for baby steps rather than creating a huge long list of what needs to be done. How about a reverse list? Pick one thing to do, finish it, and then put the finished product on your list. That way as your list gets longer you’ll actually feel better!

    Okay, now that my pop psychology is finished (free of charge on Saturdays!), I look forward to you coming back and sharing how much you got accomplished and how much better you feel about it all.

    Love the doggie pics, have a productive hiatus.

    You are so smart, Carl. Will do the reverse list and report back in a week. I’m thinking I may have to forgo internet all together – it really eats up a lot of time. I’ll go at it full steam for a week, and see where I am….
    And free advice on Saturdays! I’ll remember that for next week. Thanks. 😉


  2. I can definitely relate to the mushroom cloud of filing on the desk (usual strategy, turn the back to it–what I can’t see can’t bother me–HA). Carl’s idea is very good; may make use of it meself (bigger HA). Take your time, focus on what is important–kids, dogs, job–and the rest will fall in as it may. Now, take a deep breath…
    Dogs are too cute. Thanks for the pics!

    Well ds, I took a deep breath and cleaned my desk. Then I went through the stack of stuff to be filed – it is now one foot tall instead of two feet tall – much of it could be jettisoned. I chose one category to file, and filed it. (Not bad for the first thing on my (Carl’s) “DONE!!” list.) Next I went to Leon’s and indulged in a double scoop of fresh butter pecan custard (the dogs had vanilla). I feel much better now, thank you! And you are right, I must let the rest fall in as it may. I am trying my darnedest!


  3. I really do relate. Everything seemed under control a couple of weeks ago. And then term began and somehow that tipped me over the edge. We’re just about to have our kitchen completely redone – nice but chaos for a fortnight, preceded by a whole weekend spent clearing out the old one. It seems like AGES since I picked up a book. So you have all my sympathy!

    Whoa Litlove, ages since you picked up a book!? That’s criminal!! I wouldn’t mind having a new kitchen, but the trauma you will be going through to get it – youch! Thanks for the sympathy, though – much appreciated.


  4. Poor you, sounds a little too close to home!

    If I were you, I’d make a bonfire of all your paperwork, then when and if the reminders arrive, just deal with them on a daily basis.

    Humph, where are the matches?

    When you’re done with the matches, send them my way.


  5. The new camera, the seasonal clothes shift, the need for attention to pets, the need to write, the family – it all sounds so terribly familiar.

    There’s only one difference. You say, “I might cry”. I actually did cry, a couple of nights ago. What set me off? I was blog hopping amongst the “readers” – you know, the book people with blogrolls that reach from here to Tuesday, and 137 comments on each post, and smart chatter about the 29 books they just finished and what they’re going to read next and literary allusions I can’t understand unless I hit Google for the umpteenth time in a night? You know…


    And then I burst into tears and had myself a good cry.

    Methinks it’s just another example of the old longings-and-limits dynamic that lies at the heart of life. There’s so much of everything we long for, and so many limits placed on our ablity to fulfull our longings. Or, as some anonymous wise person once said, “You can do it all. You just can’t do it all at the same time.”

    I don’t have any good advice, but I’ll tell you one thing I did. I tossed out every single accusatory issue of The New Yorker. It felt so good.

    A good cry is always healthy! But those darn limits – I would gladly give up sleep if I could. I try to do with less, but tend to nod off mid conversation during the afternoon. I am afraid I won’t be able to do it all, much less at the same time. Sometimes I feel like the white rabbit, pocket watch in hand, running running running.
    Tossing out those New Yorkers was brilliant – I am going to look around here and do something similar. Thanks! 🙂


  6. Oh, I’m there. I have a teetering stack of filing that I swear is beginning to actually glare at me on occasion. It will be talking before I know it. I am usually so very organized when it comes to keeping my desk tidy and my filing up to date. What gives? Personally, I think playing with the dogs is a brilliant idea. I am off to do just that!

    Good for you, Pamela. If one just keeps the priorities straight, it will all turn out. I make sure to have a few romps with the pups every day. It does take a lot of time, but it is good for all of us, and I really don’t begrudge them the time.


  7. Oh, Q, you are so like the rest of us — and that’s why we understand if you don’t drop by or change a post. We know you will when you can — and until then, you will have life, with all the lists that accompanies it. The tasks the must be done, those that SHOULD be done, those you so desperately want to do. And you’ll pet the dogs, and walk them and love them. And they’ll love you, even if you don’t post or visit or finish some task at home (so long as it doesn’t involve their food!).

    My nemesis? The linen closet. I have had two linen closet accidents lately. I’m really pretty embarrassed to tell that; that my linen closet is so full that as I cram in one more thing, the the candles fall from the top and hit me on the head. And I say, “One day soon, I’ll be able to stand on the stool and reach them. But right now… well, we’ll just have to wait.” And my filing pile looks like the normal curve… it would be so easy if there was room in the cabinet to file things away. Oh, we’ve been there…

    You know the drill. Do what you can when you can — we’ll still be there for you.
    Aw Jeanie – you know just the right thing to say! Thanks so much. I am really quite amazed at the bloggy friends I have out there in cyberspace; what a strange and wonderful thing it is.
    I did go through the filing pile and threw half of it away! that was quite a relief. I wish you luck with those linen closets, though. With lovely weather out there, who wants to be organizing a closet!? Maybe on a rainy, summer day…..


  8. Q- the doggies are wonderful – so glad to see thier pictures. That little babyhead Zoe does look the part of an imp after all, and I can’t blame poor Terra for nipping now and then. You are sooo right – wlaking them, feeding, loving, petting, and plaing do take time. Good time, fun, cherished time, but time all the ame.

    Your almost-list of things to do nearly had me laughing, in an empathetic way, or rather, because I know exactly what you mean. Look forward to your next entry whenever you can get back to it!

    Hysterical laughter, here! Actually, I am catching up. Rather than a HUGE to-do list, I am making a daily list that is accomplish-able. Just getting phone calls out of the way is so nice. Finally finished the query letter and synopsis and sent it off yesterday. That was a really big cloud over my shoulder – gone – poof!


  9. Just checking in — even though it’s the same post, I do love seeing your babies! Mighty cute! Hope things are chilling out. I know what you mean, though… my world seems to be ramping up at work, and it’s making me crazy!

    Thanks for checking on me Jeanie. Hope you aren’t too crazy! I think I am getting it together, finally. I am making little lists for the day, and a big list for “Accomplishments!!” Hopefully I will be back to normal next week. I miss blogging!


  10. Whatever job one is in, it’s always too much and it always gets in the way of reading (and writing)! I can tell, no matter how neat your lists and how many ‘time management’ courses one goes through, in the end something has to give way. We’ll be cheering you along, the summer might ease things up a bit? Good luck with the lists, and if you have one that works I’d like to know 🙂

    If I could find the list that magically worked, I would be a millionaire, right? Oh well – I will let you know if I stumble upon it. Summer will ease things, definitely. I just got a note in the mail yesterday, that I have jury duty my last week of school! Oh well, that will be a change of pace, and I will certainly have time to read and write, because it will entail a lot of sitting and waiting.
    I am working at finding little things that will make my life a little bit easier. Yesterday I bought a backpack to replace my beautiful, red, leather shoulder bag. Carrying all the weight on one shoulder was killing my back. So the backpack is not very attractive, but my back will feel 100% better, which will make the day much easier. One step at a time…..
    Thanks for the support.


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