busy, busy, busy…

But I knew you would want to see and hear about how Zoë is doing. Great!  She learned how to come down the steps yesterday, and she was very proud of herself.


More news update: As a birthday gift to myself, I ordered my ticket to Bali for July 12th, somehow the credit card transaction was hacked into, unauthorized charges were made, credit card was cancelled, plane ticket order was cancelled.  Tomorrow is another day!



My cousin’s guesthouse.  Let me know if you are interested in renting it (any time other than next July – it’s mine then!).  Very reasonable, maid service included.

I am meeting with the banker on Wednesday to sign paperwork for the property on Lily River.  Closing is scheduled for the 27th.  Then cabin planning starts in earnest.  I have quite a few volunteers already lined up!  What are  you doing next May??


11 thoughts on “busy, busy, busy…

  1. Oh, my. Looking at Lily River, looking at your pictures from Bali, and then hearing your question – what are you doing next May? – I just swallow hard. I’ll be working, and caring for a mother who will have turned 91, and it seems a simple fact that no matter how I change the way I look at things, the things I look at aren’t going to change much, if at all.

    That, of course, is the midnight view of things after a long, hard weekend, so it isn’t necessarily the most trustworthy view. The best antidote is that utterly sweet Zoe face peering out at me. I’ll enjoy her, and hearing about all your plans – and hope that your hacker lands in whichever of Dante’s circles is most appropriate!

    Oh dear Linda. I was not perfectly clear when I asked, “What are you doing next May?” It wasn’t about someone else making plans for themselves…. it was about: are you free any weekends in May? How about a drive to Northern Wisconsin? No special skills needed, but if you know how to hold a hammer it would help! All the red beans and rice you can eat! 😉

    I have similar responsibilities to handle, but I plan to get away weekends. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” is just about the cup that’s half full, not half empty…but you know that. I hope your midnight view has lightened and brightened by now.


  2. How ironic to see photos of a guest house in Bali on your blog. Last week we should have been in Indonesia but had to cancel at the last minute due to a death in our family. And my ‘proposal’ was supposed to take place on a beach
    in the sun… Where is the guest house, is it on the coast? And thanks for your comment on my blog.


    OhKathleen, I am so sorry the proposal plans were dashed. Where did the event happen instead??
    The guest house is a little closer to the center of Bali – in between Ubud and Gianyar. My cousin lives in the main house – she is a teacher at the Green School there. Where in Malaysia were you headed?


  3. Bali… oh be still my heart! That has been a dream of mine since I knew it existed! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Deb

    Hi Deb – how nice to hear from you! Bali is a lovely dream, isn’t it?


  4. Oh my soul, just look at Zoe! What an adorable face and I love her ears. They look fashioned by the hands of wizards. So perfect.

    And Bali….! How will you possibly wait till July???
    Edward and I send both you and Zoe our best wishes for a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    That is a perfect description Pamela, ears shaped by the hands of wizards… or maybe imps! Because she sure is an imp. She runs and leaps, teases Terra, and then hides under the bed where Terra can’t fit.
    It will be hard to wait for Bali, but I have a lot to keep me busy between now and then.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Edward, too 🙂


  5. egads, that pup is a doll. (sorry, puppies make me say corny things.)
    Bali is out for me though I’m filing it away that by several degrees of separation, I “know” someone who has a guest house there! Crazy story about your cc. geez.
    Now, for assisting on the log cabin – oh, yes. Do you mean May ’09 or May ’10?

    Oh – you can say the puppy is a doll, because she sure is. She’s the tiniest thing, and when she growls, we all roll with laughter.
    Bali is out for you? Why? Anything is possible. The guest house rents for $500 a month (which includes maid service, and has two bedrooms). I’ve found a relatively inexpensive fare…. anything is possible!
    The house in the woods? I am hoping for May ’09 to get started. There is a lovely looking B&B near by….. http://thecrystalbell.com/ . 😉


  6. Trite question, I know: What kind of dog is Zoe? She cannot be cuter. I am dying for a little dog that will get along with my cats.

    Hi querulous – no such thing as a trite question! Zoe is a miniature pinscher (not a miniature doberman – different creature). She is very high energy, playful, and doesn’t do well with cold weather! She is lots of fun.


  7. So many exciting things in the offing for you, Qu! Not the least of which is this darling puppy to play with and watch grow 🙂 Guess you can tell I’m a big dog lover at heart, and puppies appeal to me more than guest houses on Bali, as lovely as that one is!

    But your house in the woods definitely appeals as well…

    That puppy is a little dickens, Becca! Our Terra is getting used to her turf being invaded, and now puts up with puppy chewing on her ears and face, attempting to get the old lady to play. It only takes one bat of Terra’s paw to send her flying. They are hysterical to watch.
    Bali? House in woods? I guess I want to do it all this year. My birthday this month held some significance for me – my dad died at this age, bitterly disappointed in all he wanted to do, and could not (he had the six-months-to-live death sentence to ponder it all). While I have never been afraid to try new things, attempt difficult projects, and “change the way I look at things,” this year is going to be packed full! He can watch and live vicariously, and I’ll keep up the pace so he doesn’t get bored! 😉


  8. Hi, Q,

    Oh, my that little Zoe — she’s a cutie! What a bundle of energy, I daresay! That’s gotta make you smile every day!

    And you are moving toward the things you mentioned in an earlier post — Bali? Wow! And the land — what a gorgeous site! I fear in May I will still be recovering from my shoulder surgery, or a weekend in Wisconsin might be quite wonderful! That’s a project — but, I think, one that will bring so much joy over the years.

    I was especially touched when you wrote about this birthday and how it related to your dad’s death. This year, I will be the age my mom was when she died. For many years, all I wanted to do was to live longer than that, because when you are very young, 58 seems old. The older I became, the more I realized I want to go far beyond that, for I know she left this world way too young. I’ve done much of what I want to do — maybe not as often as I’d like, but much of it. Still, everyday brings new things I want to experience. Maybe facing the surgery scares me a little, and her birthday coming up in May. But now, I simply love life so very much, I don’t want to let go. I love the idea of your dad watching vicariously. I think he’d like that.

    It is so very obvious, Jeanie, that you love life and all the experiences you can stuff in! Fifty-eight is way to young to die – it is so sad. Your mom is probably living vicariously through you, too! Isn’t it amazing, no matter what age you are, you still FEEL the same? At least I do – 28ish forever! My grandma always said, even at 90, that she was shocked when she looked in the mirror, because she still felt 18.

    So, you will zip in and out of shoulder surgery, and maybe the following summer you can visit northern Wisconsin and Lily River. I know already it is going to be a very special place.

    Zoe is a little pistol. We are having great fun getting to know her. She loves to tease Terra, who weighs at least 10x Zoe’s weight. Of course, Zoe can hide under furniture where Terra doesn’t fit.

    and I have the ticket to Bali clutched in my hot little hand!


  9. Hi, Q, Yup, it’s me again. I had to stop by and see (if any new) picture of the Pup. Our good old dogs are getting and acting so old. I showed this picture to HM, kinda checking out the puppy idea with him. Of course he couldn’t help but smile.
    And then made me an offer – no puppy = new carpeting or wood floors in two of our rooms.
    Hmmmmm…. new floors, or a puppy? We’ll see!

    Welllllllllllll, oh…. I would say new wood floors go perfectly with a puppy! So easy to clean up after. I wish you luck!

    I will post more pup pics on Saturday. It was a rough week all the way around. It culminated today with rushing Terra to the vet because of an allergic reaction to some unknown substance, and then slamming my finger in the car door when hurrying to a meeting after dropping her off at home.



  10. Hi Q,

    I’m interested in renting your cousin’s guesthouse on Bali, can you let me know how I can get in touch?


    *I’m sorry – my cousin passed away last year and the house is no longer available through her family.


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