Write on Sunday & the past week’s roundup

National Novel Writing Month

November 1st is here and I have yet to decide what I am going to write…. So I am obviously nowhere near writing that first sentence.  It will be typed today, however.  I have promised myself.

It has been a busy and interesting week.  By Monday night I had a post ready for this week.  I didn’t even wait for Wednesday’s prompt on WOW.  I don’t remember now, all that I talked about, though politics did enter my conversation in a big way.  By Monday night, I had my photos ready for the Spooky photo contest on Stainless Steel Droppings.  On Tuesday morning my house was broken into and my computer was stolen.  Along with a whole lot of other stuff.  Stuff, mind you.  No one was hurt.  The dog stayed out of their way.  The mess has been cleaned up.  The window is boarded and a new one ordered.

Life goes on pretty much the same, with just a little feeling of discomfort niggling in one small, dark, corner room of my Escher brain.  When I come home I drive around the house to see if any windows are broken.  I stick my computer under the bed when I leave home.  I call my daughters a hundred times a day.

In the post I had ready on Monday night, I wrote about my concerns for the environment.  I didn’t write about, although I have had numerous conversations about it, the economy.  If I am feeling a pinch, how are people who are unemployed managing?  Well, one way is by selling my daughter’s cameras, my Grandma’s rings, my computer….

There have always been people who take from others, of course.  But it is going to get worse if we continue on in this manner of selfishness.  I was talking to my son yesterday about what time we would go to vote.  He told me he wasn’t going to vote.  My jaw dropped.

“What?  Not going to vote?”
“Why should I?  What are they going to do for me?”
s p u t t e r
“Don’t matter who win; they won’t get me a job.  They don’t care about me.”
“But that is so selfish.  What about the polar bears?  What about my great grandchildren and the air we breathe?”
“Why should I care about any of that?”

Why should he?  When you have to worry about not having bus fare, or you haven’t eaten all day, and you don’t need to set the alarm because there is nowhere to go, why should you care about polar bears?  Since I don’t have to worry about those other things, I can afford to worry about the polar bears, but I can’t forget about the people who see no future for themselves.

So please vote wisely on Tuesday.  It won’t solve all of our problems, but it is a start.  Vote for jobs, the environment, for education, health care for all, freedom of choice.  Please don’t vote for oil and people who don’t worry about all of our children and their futures.  Vote so my son has something to set his alarm for.

9 thoughts on “Write on Sunday & the past week’s roundup

  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! My first post is in!

    I read it! Sounds like a good mystery to start with. Good luck, Bobbi! Have you started writing? I had all kinds of grand ideas that included outlines and synopsis…. but they have fallen on the wayside. November 1st dawned, and I realized I had to have 1,666 words in by the end of the day. Forget outlines! I just dived in, and I have 900 words at noon. Only 766 to go!!


  2. I am so very sorry to hear that you have been burgled. That must be such a disconcerting and upsetting thing to happen, although you are being very brave about it. I wonder if your son can see the connection between his own insularity and the more advanced selfishness of the burglar? Community and team work are always what will pull us through the bad times. I’m sure he’ll come to see that for himself in time; sounds to me like he just needs a bit of a lucky break. And good luck with the novel writing! I’ll bet you could do something magnificent.

    Thank you so much, Litlove, for your kind and faith-filled words. I hope that he will someday see the “connection between his own insularity and the more advanced selfishness of the burglar” too, but I am afraid that is probably a bit too complicated for him. He had a great deal of emotional and physical damage heaped upon him as a child, and it will be a long climb out of that hole. I am hoping that new leadership in this country will have a trickle down effect on all who have no hope for their future. When you see nothing but selfishness in your leadership, it is probably difficult not to follow the example set for you….. Hope and pray for Barack Obama on Tuesday!

    As far as the nanowrimo, thanks for the vote of confidence. I visited Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin on Thursday for the day. I watched bald eagles fishing in a small lake, crunched through brown leaves on the forest floor, and found the perfect setting for a story. It is only day two, but I am really enjoying the no pressure/no editor process. We will see how I feel in a week or two, however!


  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your break-in…that is so distressing, on so many levels. I fear with the desperate state of so many people in this nation, we’re only going to see more of this.

    My son is on a similar anti-government kick right now, and although he voted, it was a “protest vote” for the Libertarian candidate. I certainly believe in voting your conscience, however, it seems a bit self-indulgent this year when the stakes are higher than I can remember in my lifetime.

    Here’s to change come Tuesday! Yes! We Can!

    Yes we can, and I think We are!! I did convince my boy to vote with me this morning. We waited and hour and fifteen minutes! He was glad he went, though. Now it is the countdown……

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.


  4. A break-in? Thank goodness your family and the dog are okay. Honestly.

    And don’t worry, Q.
    I’ll be there to vote. Yes, for Obama.
    For everyone’s sons and daughters.
    For the air and the sea and art and hope.
    For the polar bears and the people. All of it.

    For action, not reaction.

    Thanks, Oh! I am anxious to start watching the tv around 10 pm and start wringing my hands. The nanowrimo has gone by the wayside for the moment…
    The dog has recovered from her trauma, thankfully.


  5. I am so sorry about your break in, but so very glad you, and the dog, are okay! Scheesh.
    And yes, my husband and I cast our vote for change! Yes, we can!

    Thanks, Pamela. Puppy is back to normal.
    Standing in line at the poll this morning was like a party. Kids rode by on school buses, hanging out the windows shouting “O-BA-MA!” I don’t remember ever seeing so many people involved. It is great. Cross fingers now!!


  6. I am sorry about your house and have had that happen to me once. The worst part is that you lose your sense of safety and trust in where you live. Sending good energy.

    Thanks for the good energy, Princess. Every little bit helps!


  7. Holy crap! I am so sorry for your loss, both of your material goods and the sense of safety and comfort that no doubt goes away (hopefully only briefly) when the sanctity of your home is violated in that manner. I’m am thrilled that no one was hurt though and that you are all safe. Not to sound selfish but I would have loved to see your pics as well!!!

    Here’s hoping that every day the world gets better. I don’t believe either Presidential candidate had or has much to do with that (I’m a bit cynical politically)…I think the responsibility for making the world better lies with each of us individually. And yet I do believe that taking the time to voice one’s opinion in the election booth is a responsibility we should all take and do if only to honor the fact that we live in a country grand enough to give us that freedom. I understand where your son is coming from. I’ve been there too, but I hope he’ll one day see the value of voting and the privilege that it is.

    Or as Robin said, “Holy Haberdashery, Batman!”
    I am not a political junky, Carl, but I do beg to differ. I think the president has a huge amount of power, and we will see a shift… small steady steps in the right direction. I do agree that we all have a responsibility to do the right thing and make the world a better place. And the boy did vote!
    The window is replaced and the insurance soon to be filed. Lightening can’t strike in the same place twice, right? I think I have regained my equilibrium.


  8. You need to pop over and check out my site, something nice happened with the drawings for Lisa Snellings goodies!!!

    My very own rat – how cool is that!?


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