The waning days of summer

Summer draws to an end.  The garden is tired, ready to be put to bed.  Or maybe, I am tired of the garden and ready to be done with the chores….

A last hurray for the rose bush.  I will have to keep my eye on it; the beetles that devour the blossoms have been rampant this summer.  I learned to sneak up on them and cut them in half, quickly, with the pruning shears.  “Take that, beast!

The cleomes drop their seeds indiscriminately, so there will be crowds of them again next summer.  The bad thing is, they are huge by fall, and the thorns on their stems make them difficult to pull out.  Wear gloves for sure with this fall chore.

This miniature fuchsia will not survive the winter; another will have to be planted next spring.

The pond will have to emptied soon, and the fairy taken indoors.  Last winter she was blown over in a storm and broke her arm.  The fish will have to come in the house, too.  We don’t want any fishsicles!

Terra is watching for the first frost, so her allergies go away and she can stop gnawing on her legs and feet.

In a few weeks I hope to have acclimated to my new position.  In a few weeks I hope to have my work in progress retyped, after losing the hard drive it was saved on.  In a few weeks I will be back to blog writing and visiting and commenting with blog friends.  Living in the moment, but something to look forward to.

10 thoughts on “The waning days of summer

  1. Thanks for the best of luck, Becky. I am just slogging away at it. I guess it was just meant to be, and will be so much better for another go at it!

    Hi Pamela – we are just waiting for fall, especially my serious girl.

    Thanks for visiting, Crafty Green! The rose is gorgeous now. It is the last blossom of the year, and it is a good six inches across. The fragrance is quite delightful, too, with a hint of lemon in the sweetness.
    Not only does Terra have the blasted allergies, she won’t leave the German wasps alone, and keeps getting stung. We will be very happy for that first frost!


  2. Your garden is lovely – we should all look so good in our last days of glory!

    And my puppies are itching right now too 🙂

    Hope things smooth out for you soon!


  3. Becca, I don’t know anyone who’s puppies have allergies! It is awful, isn’t it, to see them so miserable and there is not much one can do? Terra just gnaws at her legs and feet until there is no hair left. Poor little thing.
    Hurry, frost!! (I am a little tired of this upper 70’s business myself. I want boots and tights and velvet skirts and wool hats.)


  4. What gorgeous flowers. I wonder if you’d like to join us at Photo Fridays, where we share photos and text. Looks like that’s how you blog.



  5. I’m sorry Terra has allergies. So does my beagle and sometimes, it makes us both nuts with his licking and licking and licking. Can’t get him to stop unless I walk him or play with him or offer (yet another) biscuit. Hey – maybe it’s NOT allergies – maybe it’s a ploy.

    Your pictures are lovely. Oddly we did not ahve the usual amount of beetles this summer. Guess they all went north? go figure. As for the word (and image) of fishsicles, it’s hilarious! Glad the fairy gets to keep on watching over the garden. Will be glad to have you back blogging.


  6. Hi Oh, I know what you mean about the biscuits! I have had my suspicions.
    And the beetles? They are huge, nasty, shiny green things eating the roses. They have a drop and roll technique that is very successful, and then they fly away. I only kill about half of what I see. grrrrrrrr
    Thanks for the kind words on being back blogging. It is amazing how addictive it is, though it is a good addiction for me. I am looking forward to the coffee shop and writing tomorrow – I can hardly wait!


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