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December 23rd – Twenty-third day of Advent

December 23, 2008

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve…


“Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for J.R.R. Tolkien’s children. Inside would be a letter in an elderly and strange, spidery handwriting along with a beautiful colored drawing or some sketches.


The letters were from Father Christmas.


They told wonderful tales of life at the North Pole: how all the reindeer got loose and scattered presents everywhere; how the accident-prone Polar Bear climbed the North Pole and fell through the roof of Father Christmas’s house; how he broke the Moon into four pieces and made the Man in it fall into the back garden; how there were wars with the troublesome horde of goblins who lived in the caves beneath the house.


Sometimes the Polar Bear would scrawl a note, and sometimes Ilbereth the Elf would write in his elegant flowing script, adding yet more life and humor to the stories.”


The book spans twenty years of the lives of Tolkeins children, and at the bitter sweet end, he addresses only his daughter, just about grown up.


This is my absolute favorite of all children’s Christmas books.  Our tradition has been to drive two hours north to spend Christmas Eve with my family.  On the way, I would read this book to the children in the back seat.  Alas, we no longer have a mini-van, the children have grown, as well as the family.  We have to caravan with two cars now.  I will be reading this book tomorrow, however, even if it is to the dog in the back seat!  Merry Christmas

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  1. December 24, 2008 2:49 am

    I have NEVER seen this. Ever. And it’s beautiful and amazing and I have to find it!

    I have to tell you one more time (since I will probably only be able to see text from tomorrow on –thank you, dial-up) how I have treasured every moment in this wonderful haven of beauty, joy, cheer and creativity. I am in awe, enchanted and delighted. You ARE Christmas spirit! I hope your Christmas is as lovely as your blog as been and that your new year makes you as happy as reading these have made me. Merry Christmas!

    A very Merry Christmas to you, Jeanie. Thank you for being a cyber friend, visiting, and posting fun things on your blog for me to visit. I am so pleased you enjoyed this advent calender!

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