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Write on Wednesday – late again

July 17, 2008

Becca asks:

How does writing fit into your daily life? What’s your ideal time to write, and why? Do you “write on schedule” or “when the spirit moves you”?

This Write on Wednesday just never seems to get done on time…. Does that say something about my writing schedule, or lack there of?

I actually have a pretty strict scheduled time for writing, but what happens within those hours isn’t quite as strict. I can be carried away from my set plan by all of the tempting blogs out there, and in a few seconds I am far, far away from my original goals. I would probably be more successful if I turned the internet off when I am supposed to be writing…….

During the summer, I go to the Humboldt Café five or six mornings a week. During the school year, it is only on the weekend and the occasional day off. I get a lot more writing done when I am not at home, where there are so many distractions: refrigerator, vacuum, good book, dog, telephone ringing, children, weeds to pull, and countless other wonderful things to do. Not that writing isn’t wonderful – I love writing.

I get here around 8 a.m. and I leave at noon. I talk to people occasionally, but everyone who knows me, knows I am writing, so they pretty much leave me alone. A friend I haven’t seen much of lately, just walked up to me and said, “You have such a look of concentration on your face, breathing through your nose, it is amazing you don’t have to come up for air.”

So here, I don’t hear the music, the people talking around me, the coffee grinders, the roaster turning the beans, and whatever else is going on that I am not hearing! And I don’t have a cell phone.

I write at home, too, but it is sporadic – whatever the schedule can bear. And look who’s waiting for a walk! She can tell time.

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  1. July 17, 2008 10:21 pm

    She’s a beauty! You have wonderful concentration to write in a public place. I’m a people watcher. 😉 I actually tell my dog “just one more minute” and she lays back down holding it. lol

  2. July 17, 2008 11:31 pm

    It sounds as if we all have problems as far as writing is concerned: either self imposed (and yes, I know what you mean about finding millions of other things to do when in fact you have some precious hours available to you!) or simply extraneous like work. But, let’s celebrate, we DO write!

  3. July 18, 2008 1:18 am

    Lucky you, to spend your mornings in such an inviting atmosphere! I have trouble writing in public places, for I find myself getting easily distracted by noise and conversation. My house is usually nice and quiet – except for my two furry distractions, who will bark and bring me toys in an effort to entice me away from the desk 🙂

  4. July 18, 2008 5:38 am

    Hi Tammy. I can’t tell my pup “just one more minute” she is barking to loud to hear me. She really can tell time, and if it is walk time….. Thanks for commenting. I will be over to visit you shortly.

    You are right, Seachanges. We should always congratulate ourselves for any writing that is accomplished. In fact, we should reward ourselves… a little chocolate, maybe!?

    Two furry distractions, enticing you with toys? I don’t know how you get anything done, Becca.

  5. July 19, 2008 1:02 am

    I write whenever I get inspired by something. I know I would be able to concentrate better away from home, but that always seems like such a production. Besides, I enjoy my office at home, I like it there and Edward fits perfectly under my feet. Fortunately however, I don’t exactly earn my living by writing. My husband is a professional songwriter and writes with discipline each and every day. I have the utmost admiration for that.

    Now, go take that girl for a walk! Happy Weekend!

  6. July 19, 2008 5:18 am

    I love the clock picture – yours? And the cafe writing? sounds like bliss. My favorite (write while there sometimes)Starbucks is closing. Will have to find another haunt. Someplace without wi-fi (and blogging!)

  7. July 19, 2008 6:32 pm

    How lucky you are to have your two guys supporting your writing business!
    I took that pup for many walks – she is so demanding. Hope your weekend is great, too.

    Yes, Oh, my clock. My father was a clock guy, so I have MANY clocks in my house – none of them running…. That one is my favorite. I love my haunt – you can’t lose with free wi-fi!

  8. July 19, 2008 8:56 pm

    That is one cute dog and clearly a great excuse not to work. I, too, get very distracted at home and especially distracted by the internet. At home, there’s just one button to turn it on or off, so turning it off doesn’t help much. But I suppose if I were in a cafe or library, it would take more effort, what with passwords I can never remember etc. Or just finding a place I can pretend is my writing office the way I have a job office. This is a problem in my life I must address. Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. July 19, 2008 9:53 pm

    Part of my “writing job” allows me to spend time on the internet, even at my writing office. I am nice to myself that way. Even with the internet distraction, I get a lot more done here than I would at home. My fault is I make myself far to available – I don’t set the boundaries I should if I wanted to be accomplished there. It is just easier to go somewhere else. Plus I get waited on here…. no one does that at home.

  10. July 19, 2008 11:00 pm

    dearest qugrainne !!!

    ahhh …. it is so good to be back home, yet it feels alien at the same time. as though i left one life and entered another … only to step back again. i know a poem is lurking in those thoughts, but i have not taken the time to sit and think, muse and write.

    i love this post. and the thought of you sitting at a local cafe, concentrating so fiercely that you must come up for air a time or two. it is a wonderful way to write, i think. i, too, find so many distractions at home: distractions i prefer to avoid such as the vacuum, the dishes, refereeing children, paying bills, lawyers demands ….. i just want to lounge in my bat cave (my bedroom) and surf my favorite blogs!

    I once, too, hung out at my favorite cafe to write. The cafe closed and now Starbucks is my choice – not my favorite. I laughed at the photo of your desk – mine is smaller and just as cluttered if not more so! And my miniature dachshund would prefer to sleep contentedly by my side rather than stroll in the heat and humidity of south texas!

    I know you have a new job awaiting you. I wish you all the best. And I, too, have a new job (albeit without pay) – student teaching. I probably will be crying on your shoulders soon. Does everyone feel the same self-doubts: am i doing what i should be doing? will i be good enough? will the students tie me up, chanting, and burn me at the stake?

    okay. enough.
    otherwise, i will never leave my cave.

    i love your new banner as well.
    much love,
    lady blue

  11. July 20, 2008 6:16 am

    Welcome back, Lady Blue. Hope your vacation was marvelously rejuvinating – though I know how difficult it is to step back into reality… get working on that poetry.

    You had better make some time to hang out in the bat cave before you face the trial by fire – build up your strength!! Aw, don’t worry – you will be fine.

    Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the banner compliment. I like it too.xxoo

  12. July 20, 2008 11:34 am

    I totally ‘get’ writing and blocking out the sounds of the cafe. The normal noises of grinding coffee, steaming milk, people walking back and forth is so comforting. All that noise is like a little protective cocoon for writing. It’s totaly distraction-free.

  13. July 21, 2008 4:57 am

    You described it exactly, Annie. The protective cocoon is distraction-free! I guess you must have a similar habitat. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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