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The Holy Spirit Snatch

March 19, 2014

Please jump over to Kerry Lee website…..

A new post about how the universe conspires!

Check it out. If you are a follower of this blog, will you please switch over and follow that one now??!!

Thank you.3

Hey, Sister, Soul Sisters!

November 10, 2013

If you read the article in the previously linked post, you will have learned about my doppleganger. Well…. Angeilika, my twin in Germany, has written a post about me! It’s a look at our meeting written from her viewpoint and on her side of the big pond. For the original, in German, please go to Milwaukee: When I Met My Soul Sister.

Or to read the English translation, go to and Hey, Sister, Soul Sisters!


Have you ever met your doppleganger?

September 19, 2013

Please take a hop, skip and a jump over to and read my latest post, Have you ever met your doppleganger?


Bali Deliciousness – Bumbu, the base of all good things.

August 24, 2013

Please bounce over to for a post on Indonesian cooking. Yum!


The Bali Sea

July 25, 2013


Please jump over to The Bali Sea at to read a new post about

travels in Indonesia.

A Short Visit to Los Angeles – A Reflection on Walking

July 16, 2013

Please jump over to to read A Short Visit to Los Angeles – A Reflection on Walking.

Small Beside the Ocean

July 5, 2013

The second part of my water story has been published on If you are a “follower” of this blog, would you please change, or at least add to your allegiance, my professional blog? Writings are primarily going to be posted there, from now on. Thank you!



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